Site Meter STORIES: October 2007
all photos © julian gilbert 2010

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bug zapper

the grass is greener...



surf wax america-weezer
i can't stand it-nic armstrong
honky tonk women-rolling stones
living in paradise-costello
she said she said-beatles
pinball wizard-who
young folks-pb&j
totem on the timeline-klaxons
waiting room-fugazi
i only want you-eagles of death metal
los angeles-frank black
sabotage-beastie boys
iron man-sabbath
hell yes-beck (8 bit remix)
look good on the dance floor-arctic monkeys
needy girl-chromeo
sugar high
friday i'm in love-cure
walking on sunshine-?
turning japanese-vapors
i get around-beach boys
the boy with the arab strap-belle & sabastian
summer wind-frank sinatra
anyway you want it-journey
modern girls and old fashion men-strokes & regina spektor
shimmy shimmy ya-o.d.b.
xxzxczx-crystal castles
going steady-dfa 1979
search & destroy-iggy pop
obstacle 1-interpol
the clap-the unicorns
time is running out-muse
all 4 luv-color me badd
trippy green skull-dan deacon
bonita applebum-tribe called quest
strawberry letter 23-shuggie otis
the rain is gone-otis redding
when doves cry-prince
just the best party-world/inferno friendship society
soul man-sam & dave
23-blonde redhead
astro zombies-misfits
kkk took my baby away-ramones
high fidelity-costello
c.r.e.a.m.-wu tang clan
suck my kiss-chili peppers
99 problems-danger mouse
don't stop me now-queen
before you go go-?
red angel dragnet-clash
daft punk-lcd soundsystem
ms. fat booty-mos def
thriller-michael jackson
sound system-operation ivy
everything is everything-phoenix
wave of mutilation-pixies
message in a bottle-police
wonderful people-q & not u
bulls on parade-rage
the whole rival schools united by fate album (air jam w/ sammy)
the purple bottle-animal collective
..........................................................and so on.


guilty pleasure.


monday @ satsko.

girls-beastie boys
romantic rights-dfa 1979
stuck in the metal-eagles of death metal
young folks-pb&j
soul man-sam & dave
friday i'm in love-cure
the next episode-dr dre
99 problems-danger mouse
helter skelter-beatles
bucky done gone-mia
nobody move, nobody get hurt-we are scientists
sexx laws-beck
trippy green skull-dan deacon
atlantis to interzone-klaxons
rock 'n' roll-led zeppelin
the clap-unicorns
baba o'riley-who
shit luck-modest mouse
radio, radio-elvis costello
pump it up-elvis costello
welcome to the working week-elvis costello
high fidelity-elvis costello
lipstick vogue-elvis costello
chelsea-elvis costello
i bet you look good on the dance floor-arctic monkeys
daft punk-lcd soundsystem
billy jean-michael jackson
english dream-generation x
making teenage faces-exploding hearts
turning japanese-vapors
this modern world-the jam
back seat love-nikki corvette
wave of mutilation-pixies
l.a.-frank black
iron man-sabbath
ballad of chasey lain-bloodhound gang
needy girl-chromeo
tiny dancer-elton john
everything is everything-phoenix





people to do. things to see.