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i'm not one for words but what the hell.
ellen frances (last name that shall never be named) is an extremely special person. her passion for art and culture and outer space is one to be greatly admired. her belief in me helps me get through some of the hardest days and gives me hope that one day i might be able to make a living doing what i truly love. i feel so fortunate to be able to call ellen a friend as well as a peer. despite what she may think she really makes great art. thank you ellen.
please take a moment & get to know a great mind behind some great madness.


twice to coney isle



pollis brothers beach

so so so old.

i have this old cigar box that i throw rolls of film in once they've been shot. i shoot more then i get developed, so i have lots of old rolls hanging around. sometimes when i bring in something new to get processed i pull out a roll from the bottom of the box as well. it always makes for a nice little surprise.



warped tour 2008

dear cobras,
thank you for everything.
much love,
the mayor