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note: i don't mind if you repost my photos on your website/blog, please though give me credit & shoot me a quick e-mail with the link to where you've posted it. thank you.


rocking for barack


kodachrome warped tour 2008

my good friend ryan gave me about 8 rolls of kodachrome film earlier this summer. said film expired in 1995. they stopped making said film in the early 2000's. a lab in kansas is the only place in america that still processes this film. this is the last of my warped tour trip. here's to more adventures with all good friends, new & old, in the future.


build a nation.

my mom is cool. she sent this to me. i've been caught red handed. don't be a loser like me. don't forget to vote on nov 4.


kodachrome art night IV

kodachrome marthas vineyard


cale parks 1.0

art night II & IV