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71% of the earth

Ari made this video for the NRDC.

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may nylon

i don't have any photos in the newest issue of nylon, may issue with kat dennings & olivia thirlby on the cover, but i did photo assist valerie philips on the nylon nike dunk shoe spread towards the back of the issue, check it out.


real life.

thanks to everyone that came to either or both openings. it really truly means a lot. the envoy show was only that night if you didn't make it, but the mentor show is still open till friday or saturday. next will be the senior show in the 21st st photo building & after that the affordable art fair. just did a job for nylon the other day. did a test for oak as well. 2 weeks left of school then i'm done forever (hopefully). i've still been shooting, sorry for the lack of posts, all money has just been going towards the shows right now instead of developing.





i've said this before, but never in writing. as i've become older (don't get me wrong, i'm still just a kid) i look back at when i was younger (around late middle school to early high school years) & the more i think about it the more i've come to understand & realize that the things that i felt were important & thought I understood (for the most part) are not all that important to me anymore, & the things i found weird, strange, & didn't understand at all are now much more important to me. I can't help but continue to think about this more & more as i continue to grow, not only in age, but as a person, & with such a large milestone & transition of graduating college & entering the real world i can't help but also think about not only what the future holds but also the choices i make now in all aspects of my life. i think it is important right now, especially in this day & age, to just enjoy being young, & to have fun, & be free while the getting is good. don't let the man get you down & always turn up the volume in your mind.



mentor show flyer

a very very special thanks to mr. john mcswain for the flyers.