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note: i don't mind if you repost my photos on your website/blog, please though give me credit & shoot me a quick e-mail with the link to where you've posted it. thank you.


Lily Bear

happy holidays.


iron mentor collective website mag.

i found out my mentor for the rest of the school year is going to be Ari Marcopoulos. if you've never heard of him, google it. extremely talented & i could not be more excited. the match makes sense. there is also going to be a group show in chelsea for everyone selected for the program in april. i'll get into that when the date gets closer though, i mean i'm not even thinking about tomorrow yet.

i came across this "online book" i guess you could call it, of photos that Jeff Bridges took during the making of Iron Man. it's pretty cool.

i've now heard two songs off the new animal collective album and they are absolutely amazing. this band can do no wrong.

i've also got a real deal website or at least the next 30 days, (i got a free 30 day trail with livebooks) or for the next year if i can come up with 100$ in that amount of time. it should be but i'm pretty sure it just redirects you to so just go there.

lastly, there is a photo i took in the newest issue of Nylon (w/ Lily Allen on the cover) as well as a new london based magazine called Buck (w/ Frederick Blood-Royale on the cover), so if you have a chance check those out. i'll post scans of the pages when i get copies of them.


bbq street meat

skeet hunt



street meat.


SNL History: Elvis Costello

The infamous Radio Radio incident on Saturday Night Live where Costello promised he wouldn't play the song (NBC didn't like its obviously radio industry-critical lyrics and or there was a conflict with Columbia Records wanting him to play a different song). He played it anyway, putting show off schedule and Lorne Michaels would make sure he didn't appear on the show again for another twelve years.

Twenty Two years after Elvis Costello's historic debut on SNL, the Beastie Boys help reprise that famous bit of television history for the 25th anniversary of SNL (1999)



cale parks 2.0


i promise i'll post some new photos soon.

probably the best performance to ever exist on snl:

kinda reminds me of the shows i used to go to at the wetlands in middle school 20 years after this all went down kinda.




life is not a party